First Family

Bishop C. Wayne Brantley


Bishop Brantley is a licensed, ordained minister of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW).  He is the Diocesan Bishop of the 31st Episcopal District of the European Council of Nations (England, France, Ireland, and Belgium) of the PAW.

Bishop Brantley is a compassionate man of God and spiritual leader.  His ministry involves preaching and teaching the Gospel in the U.S. and abroad, counseling, and the ecclesiastical administration of the church.  His ministry focus is to carry the gospel of Jesus Christ and its saving message to the world.  His ministry vision is to promote the Kingdom of God through worldwide evangelism and education.  Bishop Brantley is the CEO of Thrive Economic Development Corporation, a community development nonprofit organization.

Formerly, Bishop Brantley served more than 30 years in membership, service, leadership and ministry at Mt. Calvary Pentecostal Church/Calvary Ministries International, a dynamic and renowned international ministry in the city of Youngstown OH.  There, he formerly served as Executive Assistant to the honorable Bishop Norman L. Wagner, and as Assistant Pastor, Executive Operating Officer, and Director of Media Ministry.  He also served in the national organization of the PAW for six years as the Director of Programming and Convention Affairs and is now Director of the Administration Committee and a member of the EBC {Executive Bishop’s Council} of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.

Bishop Brantley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications from Youngstown State University.  He has also completed coursework towards a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling.  He is a perpetual scholar of Wagnerian Seminars.

Bishop Brantley and his wife, First Lady Darlene Brantley, are the proud parents of three adult children, Carlene, Christopher and Cameron{Corinthia}. They are the affectionate grandparents of one grandson, Brandon, and two granddaughters, Camryn and Carter.  They reside in Solon OH.

First Lady Darlene Brantley

First Lady Darlene Brantley is a native of Ohio, born and educated in Youngstown.  In addition to her role of First Lady, she is the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Administrator of Administrative Affairs, and Director of the Women’s Ministry of Zion Pentecostal Church of Christ.

First Lady Brantley is committed to the ministry of hospitality and helps.  She loves visiting the sick and sending cards and correspondence to encourage God’s people.  Her personal passion encompasses prayer, praise and worship, and ministering with souls. 

First Lady Brantley is experienced in finance administration and accounting.  She is also proficient in registration administration for conference and convention services and has served on the Registration Staff of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the Word, Inc., for over twenty (20) years.  First Lady Brantley is a passionate student of God’s Word and a knowledgeable and inspirational speaker.

First Lady Brantley is committed to supporting her husband, Bishop C. Wayne Brantley, and to sustaining the vision and ministry of Zion.  She also serves as Advisor to the Sacred Dance Ministry of Zion, as a member of the Steering Committee for the Holy Ghost Explosion (an annual evangelism initiative), and she assists with programming for ADONAI University of Christ.

First Lady Brantley is a woman of gracious humility, hospitality and grace, with a servant’s heart.  She and Pastor Brantley are the proud parents of three children, Carlene, Christopher and Cameron (Corinthia), and the adoring grandparents of three grandchildren, Brandon, Camryn and Carter.  They reside in Solon, Ohio.


Carlene & Brandon Brantley

Christopher Brantley

Cameron, Corinthia, Camryn, & Carter Brantley

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